METRIC recently launched a structured approach to helping emerging small businesses and newly formed non-profits get a jump start on their organizational development and management, as well as providing access to proven methods for marketing and public relations and fundraising.  Examples of some of the recipients of the tools and resources offered by METRIC and its wide circle of partners and subject matter experts are listed below.  For more information and to find out how METRIC can help your emerging business or non-profit organization, contact us at or call (301) 785-8920.



The MICA Group is a multicultural nonprofit organization based in New Mexico whose purpose is to build sustainable partnerships and provide intermediary services to under-served communities, foundations and government entities.  The organizational vision strongly affirms that all peoples contribute to the diversity, richness and sustainability of civilizations, cultures and humanity. As such MICA provides support to communities and organizations so that indigenous and minority cultures can have a voice, equitable resources and the capacity to realize their potential, reach for their dreams, and to flourish -- where indigenous knowledge systems are recognized as inherently valuable world resources.

METRIC, Inc. has supported the efforts of The MICA Group from its early days of development to include strategic planning and establishing its mission, vision and organizational goals and objectives. Specifically we developed their operations manual, Advisory Board governance guidance, and fundraising guide.  METRIC supported the research and writing of proposals for operational funds submitted to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the State of New Mexico and U.S. Economic Development Administration.



La Garage Boutique is the creative result of a young stylist and fashionista who desired to share her gift for assembling gorgeous outfits from combining vintage clothing items that people had discarded with trendy pieces found in discount stores and on-line. With a keen eye for mixing colors and fabrics, the founder of La Garage Boutique collected over 100 outfits and convinced her mother to let her set-up the garage as a prototype boutique, with racks and display shelves to hold dresses, jackets, shoes, hats and jewelry.  Soon close friends and family members who had come for dinner or a visit began "shopping" in the boutique.  A small investment in lighting, carpet and commercial clothes racks became the foundation for La Garage Boutique.

METRIC supported this effort by establishing an on-line presence with the ability to manage on-line transactions, structuring the business processes to include shipping and handling as well as creating a marketing and promotion strategy.  Over the next few months La Garage Boutique will be ready to officially launch both the on-line store as well as "by appointment only" in-store boutique shopping!