Over the past years, METRIC, Inc. has developed a significant capability in program management and information management with a particular focus on process improvement, document management, and technical support services. Through our work with clients such as the Air Force, Army Corps of Engineers and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), METRIC has established a solid record of performance in providing innovative program approaches, new technology solutions, program support, assessments, and analysis.
METRIC, Inc. has an outstanding record of performance for a full range of clients across the federal and private sector. For over 15 years, METRIC senior staff and program managers have developed and maintained working relationships with our customers to keep them abreast of our accomplishments, new endeavors and enhanced skills and capabilities.

A summary of our past performance includes:

  • U.S. Air Force, Global Logistics Support Center, Scott AFB - Subcontractor to NewTech, LLC 

    Responsible for project management, project scheduling, and resource management.  Tasks included providing support to the prime contractor in a multi-phased effort to develop an organic, comprehensive system engineering process that would lend greater engineering support to the supply chain management activities associated with parts availability.

  • U.S. Air Force, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, Tinker AFB - Subcontractor to KBSI     Responsible for developing a roadmap detailing the various options and associated processes for insertion of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into OC-ALC maintenance and operations environment.  This effort was designed to assist the government in its assessment of the most appropriate, cost-effective asset tracking technology available for managing and tracking critical parts and components.
  • U.S. Army, Environmental Policy Institute, Washington, D.C. - Prime Contractor                Responsible for designing and implementing an Internet-based system to track and report legislative and regulatory initiatives, executive orders and treaties. It updates and disseminates information to subscribers on a daily basis.  Subscribers were allowed to organize, prioritize and customize information on their desktop.
  • Diversified Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance (DMSCA), Washington, D. C. - Consultant

    DMSCA is a non-profit organization with the mission of developing, creating, and retaining a value-added manufacturing and logistical supplier base capable of competitively performing in strategically sourced global supply chains. Responsible for providing technical support and supplier management to effect successful supplier development in a range of areas, including strategic sourcing, supplier performance risk mitigation, changing demographics, and global competitiveness.